Penn State basketball sophomore trio are all veterans

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Penn State basketball sophomore trio are all veterans

Jamil Brown, Kanye Clary and Demetrius Lilly are the only three remaining players from the Mykal Shrewsbury era of Penn State basketball. With the roster filled with seniors, the sophomores became temporary veterans.

"I have some experience, so if anyone needs help, I can teach them," Lilly said.

These three have a lot on their shoulders. They are tasked with helping a team that lost many of its starters return to its peak in March 2023, when the team advanced to the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

Despite their young age, the two sophomores seem ready for the challenge. They have a great rapport with the newer players on the team and there is a sense of camaraderie and unity among the team.

"I think we did well. For people who don't know each other, we're doing well," Lily said." So when everyone comes in, it's nothing but love.

The leadership of the sophomores will be key for Penn State this season. If they can continue to grow and develop, they can help the team achieve its goals.